W H Warehouse started making people’s life happier by providing them with soulful furniture in 1992. Originally evolved in the Middle East, the land of architecture and design, we have been one of the pioneers in bringing a substantial uniqueness to the way furniture is being made.   

WH Warehouse has been delivering quality products to a special range of customers including residential owners, architects and hotels. The intensity of detail we put into creating a piece of furniture always helped us be chosen as the only one by the clients who have experienced our products. 

“Every piece of furniture has a soul that can be touched, felt or even damaged. But it’s the owner’s choice to add a soul to it. Others choose to have just a soul-less piece of material” – WH Furniture

We have a thing for uniqueness whenever we shape a product. We make sure that our products are always in trend yet unique in design, functional and aesthetic. Together they emerge as a wonderful piece of art in your living room, making it even more alive. 

Our expertise in architecture and design sense always gave an advantage to our clients not only in buying a product, but also to place it right. You’d be surprised. We bet! Sometimes it’s just an addition of elements to the existing set up, sometimes by removing the elements that created a negative vibe. We make sure that our clients are the happiest in choosing the furnishings for their spaces.

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